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Reopening Soon!

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Women in Politics Northwestern Ontario is proud to announce a new program starting this fall,” says Anne Antenucci, Co-Chair of Women In Politics. A Mentorship Program will begin in September.” Volunteers are being invited to be mentors and mentees, those with the skills to teach and those looking to learn. The program is encouraging women to become more active in politics in their communities.

Former Mayor of Schreiber and Co-Chair of Women in Politics, Madge Richardson notes, “If you’re an interested woman and wish to contribute your voice and commitment to the governance of your community or district, we encourage you to visit our Facebook Page at or on the website: for more information on becoming more active on boards, running for politics or assisting someone who is interested in running in the next election”.

The Mentorship program will start this September and run through the winter. A second mentorship session will begin in January 2022.

Antenucci stated, “Mentoring is a strengths-based developmental, confidential and mutual relationship between the mentor and the mentee. It is a process where an individual transfers knowledge, skills and abilities to support the mentee based on assessed need.”

“The program provides opportunities to learn from each other”, notes Richardson. Qualified and knowledgeable mentors will assist in the program and work with mentees to enhance their skills in serving on boards and in elected office.

Registrations are to be submitted by June 15, 2021.

If you have any other questions please contact us at

We are looking for both Mentors and Mentees so come join us!

We hope to see you soon!


Women In Politics North Western Ontario

Recommendation: We recommend to fill this self-assessment form before submitting your application, so you can determine the areas in which you need more help.

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