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The Women In Politics Vision is a country where women are equally represented in all levels of government as well as on boards. Where women are empowered to purse a political career and supported in all facets of her career.

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Leadership Project

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission


The Women’s Leadership project is a project funded by Status of Women Canada.

PARO Centre in partnership with Women in Politics strives to increase women’s representation in political leadership at all levels of government and school boards in Northwestern Ontario.

With female representation still below 30% in most municipalities, the project will help to create an environment where women are encouraged to be politically active in their communities. PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise will be focused on developing programming and relationships throughout the region in order to increase our support network for women who want to be politically involved.

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Strategic Objectives

During the course of the project PARO in coordination with our partners, we will design and set up a support program including strategies for increased gender equality within systems that influence women’s leadership, especially for those women who wish to run for political office or school board positions.

  • To advance gender equality by engaging the community around transforming political systems

  • Increase the number of women elected in Northwestern Ontario in all levels of government and school boards

  • Set up a database of mentors who are willing to support women running for public office

  • We will participate in various community organizations to gain support and for them to support gender equality within their systems.

Get Involved/Work Plan

If you are interested in being part of the project,
If you want to be a mentor,
If you want to host an event,
If you want us to visit your school,
Don’t hesitate and contact us via email at 
or by phone at 807-625-0328

We are happy to share some of the activities we are planning for this 3-year project:

Implementation of gender equity strategies and supports

  • Design and set up a support program for those women who wish to run for political office or school board positions.

  • Identify women interested in running

  • Create a mentor’s database

  • Host Information sessions in support of gender equity and women running for politics

  • Annual event with a keynote

Youth Engagement Infrastructure

  • Initiate gender equity and women in politics curriculum

  • Network with college and university gender equality groups

  • “Take a girl to vote” campaign

  • Develop a speaker’s bureau


Elections and Campaign Toolkit

This toolkit was developed for anyone looking to become involved in political elections and campaigns in Canada. This toolkit is designed to help a potential candidate or volunteer understand and navigate the different elections and the varied method of campaigning.

Civics Teacher Toolkit (English)

This toolkit was developed to encourage youth engagement in politics and enable a deeper understanding of political campaigns and elections in Canada. The toolkit is designed for Ontario Secondary student civic classes, the modules are broken up over a 5 day period. It provides an opportunity for an interactive educational experience with politics at all levels.

Resources & Reports



Implementation of engagement strategies to reduce barriers to women’s political engagement

  • Participate and/or encourage people to participate in political organizations and community

  • Sit on political committees representing PARO and Women in Politics and the goals of the project.

  • Develop and distribute Success Stories of women leaders

  • Write articles on women leaders and the value of gender equality to the community

  • Carry out a Social Media Campaign

  • Carry out evaluation as per the project Canada-wide evaluation plan

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